Costello REI is different than your traditional real estate firm.

We are passionate about developing great agents who want to serve their clients with excellence.

What Makes Costello Different?

In short, we focus on creating a best-in-class work environment. Costello REI has successfully fostered a unique culture by providing unparalleled support that empowers agents to thrive and move their business forward.
We treat our agents like business partners by investing in their success from day one with our firm exclusive LAUNCH training program. Our cutting-edge technology tools, tailored transaction coaching program, marketing + branding offerings paired with the most lucrative and transparent revenue sharing platform in the market are absolute game-changers.
Costello REI firmly believes in the power of collaboration. We continuously share industry best practices and ensure a constant flow of feedback internally which is core to the health of our culture. The Costello REI culture is built on cultivating a growth mindset in everything that we do and that powers our "WINNING TOGETHER" mantra.

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